Saturday, 28 April 2007

Victoria's Secret: no make-up still equals Beautiful

I was looking on People's website yesterday and came across this video. I thought it was really interesting. The angels are fairly natural, sans their wings and hair done. I think they might be wearing a tiny bit of make-up though. They still look beautiful, because they look like really nice girls, very friendly and just happy to be there.
The Models of Victoria's Secret

They've landed themselves on People's Most Beautiful list this year. I think they definitely deserve it. They're all healthy girls, none of them look emaciated in the slightest, and they're all about natural beauty and happy being women. They may be lingerie models, but it's all very tasteful.
I've always loved Karolina and Adriana! I'm so glad they're on the list this year.
P.S. Did anyone else notice the absence of Gisele??


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