Thursday, 26 April 2007

Calm before the storm

Ok so by now most people have probably heard about the whole Stella-McCartney-for-Target-opening-fiasco...Something I would have probably been present at, had I known about it...If you're looking for that footage, look no further Stella McCartney Launch YouTube
But I had a different idea...I thought some might want to actually see the clothes as they are meant to be (on the catwalk), instead of the clothes, at the height of the chaos of the opening, ripped in half, hanging off a woman who has bite marks on her arms...?

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Sorry, the photos are really small, but I though it was worth a look anyway...
There was alot of grey and black, very Stella McCartney.

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I went into Target a few days after the craziness died down, and I don't remember seeing any clothes like this...maybe I wasn't looking hard enough...?


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