Wednesday, 25 April 2007

How do you say that?

Ok, so earlier I said I'd be giving help with pronunciation...well I thought I'd round up a few names of designers that are commonly struggled with:
Let's start with the seemingly simple Givenchy: I was clueless up until about a year ago, but if I had a dollar for every time I heard a story about someone getting into trouble (with some sort of fashion authoritarian) for pronouncing this one the way it looks (gi-ven-chee)...
Correct pronunciation: jhee-von-shee
Guy Laroche: You'd think it'd be simple enough wouldn't you? You'd be wrong...
Correct pronunciation: Gi La-rosh
Hérmes: the h is silent, and the s at the end is said like a like to say 'air'-mez to make it sound fancier)
Christian Lacroix: christian (stays the same) la-qwa
and last but most definitely not least Yves Saint Lauren: eve-sahn-lore-ohn

Until next time...
Hope it helps!


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