Tuesday, 24 April 2007

FEEDing the world...one bag at a time

Now you may or may not have heard about this, but none-the-less I think it a very worthwhile investment.
Lauren Bush, Honorary Spokesperson for the World Feed Program, has designed an everyday bag with a difference. By buying this awesome bag, you'll be feeding an impoverished child in school for one year.
19 cents a day or 34 dollars a year can transform a child's life and provide the tools for a lifetime of self-reliance. School feeding is a simple but effective way to beat hunger and poverty.
Designer Lauren Bush says "...the most hopeful thing I have seen during my travels is WFP's school feeding program, where kids are given a lunch meal in school each day. This is incentive enough for kids to attend school when they might not normally, and the meal is nutritious enough for kids to stay healthy and engaged in their studies. It is truly inspiring to see kids, who are born into extreme poverty, in school eager to learn and improve their lives!"
It's a sturdy and fully reversible bag, made out of natural materials, such as cotton and burlap.
The bag costs $59.95 and can only be purchased here on amazon.com
$59.95 is all it takes to save a young child's life...(wow there I go sounding like an ad voice over again.)


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