Monday, 30 April 2007

Vanity Fair goes GREEN

I love that alot of magazines are now joining in the hype of putting out green issues. Especially this months Vanity Fair. I have never previously read a copy of Vanity Fair, but I saw this on the stand today and thought, well I may as well support them, right? I made a good decision. This issue was so informative, my brain doesn't know how to process all this new information. It's full of useful tips, tasty exposés, profiles of celebrities who are helping to save the planet, and showing how much you're really contributing to the Global Warming Crisis.
I also was glad to see that Leo DiCaprio's upcoming GW documentary was mentioned alot, and a sneak preview was even included. I'm looking forward to the doco and I'm so happy that people are becoming more and more aware of his environmental acitivism, and will hopefully follow in his footsteps.

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I thought I'd include a very meaningful quote from David Suzuki (like the car ;-), from the issue:

Economists don't include all of the things that nature does for us for nothing. Some technologies would never be able to do what nature does. For example, pollinating all of the flowering plants. What would it cost us to take carbon dioxide out of the air and put oxygen back in, which all the green things do for us for nothing? It's possible to do a crude estimate of what it would take to replace nature. Well, it turns out, (one researcher) estimated it would cost us $35 trillion a year to do what nature is doing for us for nothing. Now to put that inot perspective. If you had added up of the annual economies of all the countries in the world at that time, it would come to 418 trillion . So, nature is doing twice as much service for us the economies of the world. And in the madness of conventional economies, this is not in the equation.

Too true...


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