Saturday, 21 April 2007

Come as you are...

NOLITA is a fairly unknown fashion brand, but have just released another collection at a Debut Runway Presentation in New York City. It's quite different to what we're used to (the 'old school' stuff is more flirty, fun and and an abundance of layers), but it's still quite classy.
Here are a few that caught my eye from the collection:
This is definitely the most interesting outfit, out of these 4...nice bright colours, belt (that's good, belts are very in right now), simple shoes (a must with a busy outfit like this)...but the shape of the mid section is somewhat unflattering, but it could just be on this models body shape?

Probably my favourite out of these...Love the bubble cut on the top, the pants are slim yet flattering, colours are perfect together. My only critique would be that it's a little too safe, but that's ok because it's better to be safe than sorry in alot of cases.

This is one is actually quite plain, but could easily be dressed up with some nice accessories... a long necklace, a bag (red might look good) and some fancy heels perhaps?

This is one is essentially quite simple, but the subtle layering gives it an interesting kick.

Overall, a nice collection. I prefer their older collections, but this is all very wearable, always a plus. :-)

Like what you see? Nolita stocks in Cactus Jam stores (Melbourne) or
COME AS YOU ARE store: 138 Oxford St
Paddington, NSW
sorry but I'm not sure about stockists outside of Australia.


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