Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Heat up your winter wardrobe: Casual wear!

Here are some of the latest styles to hit the runway for this winter. A little guide showing you how to stay on the cutting edge of fashion while you're hanging out with friends or just hanging out at home, this winter...
1. This outfit (mini skirt, tracksuit jacket, tights and heels -- all dark coloured) effortlessly mixes comfort with sass. A beret gives everything an edge.
2. An dark-hued outfit heavy on layers is sure to keep you warm in cold weather -- "less is more" make-up is an essential addition; let the volume of the outfit grab everyone's attention.
3. I fell in love with this coat the minute I saw it, so I just had to recommend it. Bell sleeves are making their way into the collections of many designers, so be the first to covet this trend before anyone else does!

1. The dress is fun, so the blazer gives it a sophisticated edge. Considering winter is coming up, pair this with tights, instead of bare legs.
2. Top heavy outfits are so hot right now...make sure the colour combination is light on top, dark down the bottom to contrast the shapes. Perfect for a concert, or even if you simply feel like looking good while doing the grocery shopping.
3. This is more of a going-out look, but the pants are great at all hours of the day. Flares are, as far as I'm concerned, the best kind of pants as they flatter every body shape (transparent top not advised, but optional).

1. This outfit is so playful. You can be sure it's the comfiest out of all the choices. One could wear it anywhere, and still be the envy of everyone around. If colour boldness isn't your strength, wear a darker skirt with a lighter pull-over.
2. I love this, it's very shapely with understated femininity. Shows off curves. One could possibly even get away with wearing this to the office (paired with pants or tights of course), depending on how strict the dress code is.

Hope this helps!


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