Saturday, 12 May 2007

A chance find

I was strolling through Chadstone yesterday, and passed a shop that caught my eye (well my ear, really -- I can't resist Fergie's 'Glamorous'). Mango, aka MNG. I first went in because I saw that bags were selling for 30% less than usual, and realised that I'd never even been into this place before. I loved it! It was exactly my style.

Ok so I didn't get to buy anything, because I'm on a budget right now, but you can bet I'll be back there as soon as I get the chance! If you're willing to fork out a couple of hundred dollars for certain items of extreme style and beauty then this is the place for you. Sassy knitwear, metallic bags, hot clothes, awesome music and occasional discounts, MNG has it all!
Want to check it out? Click here to see where your nearest store is.



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