Sunday, 20 May 2007

Christian Dior Resort 2008

As far as resort collections go, I loved this one! Very flirty, and feminine...and with just a hint of 60s inspiration.
(left) This dress is very flowy and gentle, so why pair it with someone like the über fierce May Anderson? Oh well, the dress is cute. (right) I can see this on a rich, 1950s trophy wife...Am I the only one?

(left) Another very 1950s vibe, with, again, a hint of Vegas glam. (right) This outfit is cute, and could work almost anywhere.

(left) This is my favourite outfit of the show! Everything about it is perfect (well besides the fact that the only place one could wear would be around the house or at a very exclusive pool, of some sort). (right) Strange shape, but very pretty colours. Another one that can only look good on a slender girl.

(left) I change my mind -- this is my favourite outfit! Beautiful colour, beautiful hair and makeup, and worn by the dazzling (but unseemingly young) Chanel Iman. (right) Wow I cannot believe how Vegas some of these pieces are...But, rest assured, it's Vegas chic. Overall, I'm not actually sure about this outfit. It could use some sort of a defined waist.

(left) The Grecian styled floor length dresses of recent collections are all gorgeous in their own ways. This one is great because it also has a distinct Egyptian feel. (right) I like this one. I don't love it (although I'm loving the colour), but I definitely don't dislike it. It's pretty, but not beautiful. There is definitely something about it that I like, but there is also something that I don't. I can't really put my finger on anything. This is is very tricky.

The collection's two most gorgeous floor length gowns. (left) I can defintely see this dress on the gorgeous Eva Green (Casino Royale)...I think it would be to-die-for on her. (right) And this one...I'm getting 4 different vibes...Mischa Barton; Jennifer Garner; Drew Barrymore and Sienna Miller...I wonder who it would look the best on? What do you think?

(left) Another gorgeous gown. The bottom seems to be caught under her foot, I can just see an accident here. But what this dress may lack in practicality, it makes up for in beauty, so it's all good. (right) A maxidress with a difference. The difference being material that makes this look like it would be very uncomfortable. And an extra layer underneath. Sorry, I'm just not feeling it.

(left) Grecian, Grecian, Grecian. If this style weren't so drop dead gorgeous I'd probably be absolutely sick of it by now! Ok so it doesn't look grecian at first, but look closer and you'll see it. The frills are a cute addition, and proably what's keeping me from going mad. A lovely easy, peaceful colour too: that's always nice to see. (right) I must admit, this strikes me as a strange choice for a last outfit on the runway. The model seems unable to support the dress, and even looks a little uncomfortable, but then again, it could just be a bad picture. Nice colour, but the rest is too busy for my liking. Mismatching bags look great when done right. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

Overall, a very lovely collection.