Thursday, 10 May 2007

Heat up your winter wardrobe: Night wear!

1. Copying this look is easy. Just grab a big, voluminous coat (if you're going to go for coloured, make it block colours, otherwise onlookers will get dizzy just looking at it if it's too busy; if you'd prefer going for plain, dress it up with a nice brooch, or a sparkly belt that will fit around the waist), throw on a light coloured dress, and slip into a pair of dark tights and heels. Perfect for a chilly winter's night on the town.
2. This outfit is very daring, and that might not be everybody's cup of tea. Also, this kind of look can be very contrived, so replicating it would take a lot of time and careful consideration. To take away the complication, just go with the basics: a zig-zag print top, paired with a dark brown skirt (or jodhpurs, if you're brave enough), dark tights and knee-high boots (make sure pants are tucked into boots, if wearing jodhpurs). Not for tha faint-hearted, but very worth the effort.
3. If it's cold out, this is a great option. Big, bulky jacket, balanced out with tights and heels. Belt optional (I, personally, think the belt gives it a sexy edge). Easy, sexy and oh so chic.

1. Love it, love it, love it. If I saw anyone wearing something like this when I was out, I'd die of envy. Big white torso-length coat, under layer is up-to-you (though opt for light colours to avoid going too overboard), light tights and heels. Easy and oh so worth it.
2. This top is beautiful; but it can look a bit pyjama-like so maybe sport this style (medium-density, flowing grey knit; paired with light tights. Bottoms are optional) when you're not going to be in front of too many people. Then again, if you've got the legs (and if you're brave enough), go for it, of course.
3. This is more a friendly-get-together outfit. But also good for a night of clubbing. Easy to replicate too: thin, oversized top? Check. Micro miniskirt to give it a kick? Check. Bright coloured stilettos making legs look as long as Gisele's? Hell yeah.

1. This is great because it's so cool, yet mature at the same time. Somehow I can just see this being worn at a book club meet or local poetry reading. Signed up for one of those? Why not treat yourself, and jump into oversized poncho-styled jumper (dark colour is advised, but not essential), pair it with dark tights and heels and you're set to turn heads.
2. and 3. These two are very similar, and some may say too shiny to be worn on an ordinary night out. But if this floats your boat, go basic to avoid becoming a busy mess: gold dress, fitted jacket (any colour, as long as it doesn't clash with the gold) and heels. The headband is such a classy addition, be sure to include it (with almost any outfit. As far as I'm concerned, there really aren't enough headbands around).


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